Broken Box Mime Theater Comes to Boston!

BKBX in BostonIn less than a month, Broken Box Mime Theater will be traveling up to Boston for a week-long residency! 

With our fall show right around the corner, it's time to get to work. Last year, White Pines Productions granted us the opportunity to get away from the city and dig into our art in the unplugged glory of the New Jersey woods. The experience was so massively inspiring that we decided to recreate it this summer in a city we know and love! And we want to see YOU while we're in town! 

On Saturday, August 8th, we'll be gathering in the early afternoon for an Open Studio Presentation: an opportunity to introduce our work to new faces, check in with our Boston community, and share what we came up with during our week in MA. We'll talk about our process as well as perform a couple of our best pieces. We would love to have you!! The event will be free; time and location TBD. Spread the word! If you have any friends or family in Beantown who you think might be interested, feel free to let them know!


BKBX at Wilson Chapel


Wilson Chapel

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